A sustainable & innovative seignorage protocol for stable returns

Earn passive stable coin income every second by staking miner in our boardroom.

Experience our platform for free with Airdrops and Free Mints.

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Why Excavate Finance

Experience a professionally managed Seignorage Protocol by Industry Experts

Mining Permit NFTs

The ecosystem is safeguarded by a mining permit NFT that dictates who can participate in the ecosystem. This means no more sandwich bots.

Peg Defender Bot

Our Pegged Token EUSD will be actively maintained at exactly $1 with our state of the art peg maintainer bot. This gives you stable and predictable returns.

Dual Point™ System

This is our on-chain reputation system to incentivize people with greater participation limits depending on their positive impact and goodness towards the protocol.

Leaderboard System

Our incentive system to reward people with a high Dual Point™ score with our share token Miner and pegged token EUSD. This helps keep the protocol healthy.

Taxation System

DAO voted taxing of various events on-chain in the excavate finance ecosystem. This will be used to build a healthy treasury and move towards a state of POL.

Options Hedging™ System

Our innovative system to incentivize people to lock and bet on the future prices of EUSD to protect the peg. This will serve as multiple lines of defense to protect the peg of EUSD.

Limited free mints available. Mints will be payable after.

Our fundamental difference

How are we different from other seignorage protocols out there?

  • Professionally managed team
  • Subject matter expert drafting protocol policies
  • Real innovations that have never been done before
  • Launching with a game-theory backed deflationary game
  • Product built by veterans with decades on tech experience

We tackle the challenges that economies face

Running a successful seignorage protocol is like running a country's federal reserve. It must be done by experts who understand what's at stake. We are running this with qualified policy makers, financial analysts and behavioral economists so we can anticipate and react to market changes proactively.

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Learn about EUSD, Miner and Ebond


EUSD is designed to be an algorithmically pegged stable coin that is 1:1 pegged with BUSD. The max supply of $EUSD is infinity and the rate of minting will be determined by the health of the protocol to sustain the peg.


MINER is a limited supply ERC20 token with a max supply of 100,000 that will be fully circulating in Feb 2023. $MINER prices are expected to rise as TVL in the protocol increases as they allow the printing of a daily fixed supply of $EUSD in the boardroom.


These are bond tokens that are used as an instrument to stabilize the health of the protocol. The supply depends on the health of the protocol and are only issued when decreasing the circulating supply of $EUSD is deemed necessary for protocol success.


The Excavate Ecosystem


Seignorage Protocol

To act as the finance hub of the ecosystem and similar to the reserve bank of an economy.


Deflationary Game

A deflationary game that's already built and scheduled to launch as the seignorage protocol stabalizes


Dex & Launchpad

A utility of EUSD to spawn of new protocols and build a tight knit ecosystem.

We are hiring

  • Associate Marketer
  • Behavioral Economist
  • Software Developer
    Software Development
  • Community Mods
  • Associate Quant Analyst

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